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Benefits Of Reverse Vasectomy That May Change Your Perspective

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A century reversal so there might be quite a successful sperm flow it won’t necessarily work so if we screen those candidates out we’ve got high levels of sperm anybody’s they are much better off going down the pathway of using IVF now and if we could just ask you what is a vasectomy reversal what does it actually entail who’s just to run through the procedure chorus moment well it typically its micro surgery that involves basically undoing the blockage.

which has been placed now in Finland in the scrubber now most guys have had their vasectomy done to local anesthetic but sometimes it’s done under general it and in my experience sometimes under general anesthesia the process of provision of the vs defer ens and potentially the damage that occurred might be more extensive than one would see under local anesthetic so that’s an important issue we’re trying to figure out the prognosis for success was this carried under general anesthesia or local or localized setting my experience at local and see generally it’s much easier to reconnect.

The tubes themselves so reverse vasectomy what you do is you divide this area so you cut up step upstream and downstream from where the blockage is I need to explore a downstream to see make sure that that pipe is still patent we we squirt basically some salt water down there and then we massage the pipe upstream of where the cut was from doubt from the test us down to make sure that there is some sperm coming through and that’s really important we cooperatively because we do this in our day surgery which is associated with unit we grabbed one of our scientists from the lab or insurance firm scientists.

And we make sure that we can find sperm upstream otherwise there’s no point in reconnecting at that particular site it could be that there are secondary blockages which exist further upstream in part of the test is called the epidermis and if you don’t identify that you possibly missing the chance of carrying.

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